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Two Rivers Law is a boutique association of lawyers in Calgary, Canada. We provide solutions to each client’s individual needs in the areas of Immigration, Family Law and Wills and Estates. We understand the intimidation that comes with hiring a lawyer and we are here for you. We work with each client personally to ensure they understand their legal journey every step of the way.




Immigration Litigation​

Refugee Claim -

Preparation, Submission

and Representation

Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) and Refugee Appeal Division (RAD)



A foreign national who is currently in Canada and fears going back home due to a well-founded fear of persecution based on one of the enumerated grounds (race, nationality, religion, political opinion or membership in a particular social group, such as members of the LGBTQ+ community, etc.), or because of fear to their life is eligible to make a refugee claim in Canada.

We at Two Rivers Law can assist clients through the claim process in its entirety.

Unfortunately, there are times when a person’s immigration application or refugee claim can be refused. If available, the next step is to appeal a negative decision to either the IAD or the RAD.
Filing an appeal can be complicated and we can aid in navigating the procedures of the IAD and RAD.

When a negative decision is received which cannot be appealed, or a negative decision is received from the IAD/RAD, the only option may be to go to the Federal Court of Canada to seek relief. Filing an application at Federal Court is complex and time sensitive; we at Two Rivers Law are skilled in helping in such legally complex matters.

Temporary Residence

Visitor visas & extensions

Citizens of certain countries need visitor visas to travel to Canada for any temporary purpose. If a visa is granted, the person will be authorized to enter Canada for a specific period. It may be issued for a single entry or for multiple entries. Citizens of visa-exempt countries need to obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to fly to or transit through Canada.

Study visas & permits

A person can apply to study in Canada from their home country. A study permit is needed for courses with a duration longer than 6 months; however, even those courses 6 months or less require foreign nationals to obtain a temporary resident visa.

Work visas & permits

Foreign nationals must have a work permit to work in Canada. An open work permit allows a person to work anywhere across Canada at a large majority of jobs with few exceptions, whereas a closed work permit is employer-specific and has further restrictions. Applications for open work permits cannot be made while inside Canada as a visitor unless they are refugees, foreign spouses legally in Canada and subject to a sponsorship application and spouses of skilled workers or students in Canada.

Temporary Residence Permits

People who are inadmissible to enter or remain in Canada due to medical and/or other issues and want to enter to reunite with family members or continue to stay in Canada are required to apply for temporary resident permits.

Still curious and want more information?


Permanent Residence

Family Class sponsorships

A Canadian citizen/permanent resident can sponsor his/her spouse, common-law partner or conjugal partner, dependent children, or parents to immigrate to Canada as permanent residents. For the application to succeed, the applicant(s) must go through medical, criminal and background screening.

Express Entry

All Federal Skilled Workers, Federal Skilled Trades and Canadian Experience Class applications are processed via the Express Entry Program. The applicant must create an online profile and each month, applicants are invited to apply for permanent residence under the three above mentioned categories.

Provincial nominations

The Alberta Immigration Nomination Program (AINP) is operated by the Government of Alberta. The Government nominates eligible candidates who want to permanently establish themselves in the Province of Alberta. 

Please contact us to discuss options available in other Canadian Provinces and Territories.

Humanitarian & Compassionate (H&C) applications

Those who would face hardship in leaving Canada and applying for permanent residence from their home country, those who are not eligible to become permanent residents of Canada and those who do not qualify to apply to remain in Canada under any of the other immigration categories may be able to remain in Canada permanently on H&C grounds. H&C grounds only apply in exceptional cases. Two Rivers Law can help navigate you through this unique application.



Successful refugee claimants are eligible to apply for permanent residence in Canada. They are also eligible to apply for a travel document.

Group of

Five sponsorships 

A group of five permanent residents/citizens living in the same community may come together to sponsor their family member(s) and/or friend(s) who are already designated as refugees outside their country of nationality for permanent residence in Canada. Each sponsor is required to meet a certain income requirement.


When one is granted Canadian citizenship, that means that the person becomes a Citizen of Canada and has all the rights, duties, and responsibilities of being a Canadian. Book a consultation to find out if you are eligible to apply for citizenship. Two Rivers Law would like to help you on your way to becoming a Canadian citizen.

Family Law

Matrimonial issues are always incredibly stressful no matter what the circumstances are. These issues can lead to matters of divorce, spousal support, parenting, and child support. We can help resolve these disputes through negotiation, mediation, or litigation.

Wills and Estates

Deciding how to distribute your estate after your death is daunting, making a Will one of the most emotional, personal and sometimes complicated decisions a person can make in their lifetime. Complications inevitably arise when someone dies without a valid Will, and this often results in high costs for their family that they likely never expected. We at Two Rivers Law can ensure that these complications do not arise, so you have peace of mind.

How we work?

How we work

Step 1: Get in touch!


In order to accurately assess your legal issues, we must first conduct a full consultation. Email us here to set up a time for you to speak with us. Please understand that we will not give out legal advice before a consultation appointment.

Step 2: Initial Consultation


Initial consultations can be arranged as a Skype, Zoom or telephone call. At this time, in person consultations are not available. Consultations typically take one hour. We discuss your circumstances and assess whether and how we can help you achieve your goals. There is a flat fee for all consultations; however, if you end up hiring us, the consultation fee will be deducted from the final fee quoted to you.


Our team


Misha Sanghi


Tel: 587-577-9307

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Misha practices in all areas of immigration, refugee and citizenship law, family law and wills and estates. She enjoys assisting and working with clients to identify legal solutions and strategies appropriate for their needs and goals.


Her expertise lies in:

  • Refugee claims

  • Appeals before the Refugee Appeal 

  • Group of five sponsorships

  • Sponsorship Agreement Holders sponsorship (SAH's)

  • Appeals before the Immigration Appeal Division

  • Federal and Provincial permanent
    residence applications

  • Temporary residence application

  • Family sponsorship applications

  • Parenting and child support


Misha has successfully represented several clients before the Refugee Protection Division, Immigration Appeal Division, the Provincial Court of Alberta, and the Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta.

Misha was born in Jaipur, India and immigrated to Canada in 2014. She obtained a B.A., LL.B. (Hons.) from one of India's top law schools in 2010. She then worked with a leading tax firm in New Delhi, India. 


Misha completed her law accreditation exams (NCA) in 2016. She then worked with an immigration firm in Calgary where she specialized in refugee law. She has been a Member of the Law Society of Alberta since October 2017. She is also a roster lawyer for immigration and family matters at Legal Aid Alberta. 

Having personally experienced the complexity and emotional dynamics of an immigration process, Misha has a deep understanding of clients’ needs.

Misha is also fluent in Hindi, Urdu and understands Punjabi and would be happy to assist clients in any of the languages. 


Tessa Cran


Tel: 403-475-4320

Legal Assistant: Veronica Phan

  • LinkedIn

Tessa practices in all areas of immigration, refugee and citizenship law and wills and estates. Her expertise lies in:

  • Permanent residence applications, including family class sponsorships, humanitarian and compassionate considerations, and economic applications (through both the Federal and Provincial streams)

  • Temporary residence applications, including visitor visas, work permits and study permits

  • Federal Court applications

  • Refugee claims

  • Refusals and Appeals

  • Wills and Estates 


Tessa has had appearances before the Refugee Protection Division and Immigration Appeal Division. She has also had many successful applications before the Federal Court of Canada.

Growing up, Tessa frequently traveled throughout the United States with her family and her father was always going on worldly adventures. This created a passion for travel, diverse cultural experience and landed travel related items at the top of her bucket list.

Having traveled throughout Europe and to Asia, Tessa moved to London and in 2014 she graduated with her Bachelor of Laws (Honours) (LL.B.) from the City Law School at City, University of London formerly City University London. It is Tessa’s keen love for travel and her good fortune of being born in the wonderful Canada that made immigration law the best fit for her.

Tessa was admitted to the Law Society of Alberta in June 2019 and has a wide variety of legal experience. She has worked at various small to mid-sized law firms in Calgary, co-authored a paper on the Refugee Protection Division backlog for the 2019 Canadian Bar Association Immigration Law Conference and is a roster lawyer for immigration matters at Legal Aid Alberta.



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